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outrageous quotes with robért celérier
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Posted by: Todd @ 9:38 am

This was a regular feature on my old website that I had all but forgotten until something that happened this morning jogged my memory. I reached into the refrigerator for the tub of Greek yogurt and noticed the date on top of 4/14/2008. As a knee-jerk reaction, I was about to simply toss it into the bin when a tiny little nugget of Robért’s pure-gold wisdom came flooding back to me, replete with outrageous French accent…

“The label on the package says BEST BEFORE, not BAD AFTER!”

Of course, he was right; the yogurt was fine. As time moves on, I’m going to try to resurrect some of my favorite Robért quotes. Those of you who know Robért can maybe help me out with suggestions. The world needs to hear this stuff.

* * *

Today, I leave for Monterey, California, and The Sea Otter Classic. Sea Otter is a four day festival of road, mountain bike, and BMX races, as well as an exposition where manufacturers can showcase their newest products and let consumers try some of it out on demo rides. My function at the event will be that of a neutral mechanic for the mountain bike events. We’ll have our truck and trailer set up with wheels, tires, and tools at the ready to handle just about any sort of mechanical issue that any rider might experience. The nature of mountain bike race support, though, means that most will only seek our aid for wheel-related issues (our area of specific expertise). Since manufacturers want to be on hand to help with problems with their products (and more importantly, to find out about potential design flaws before too many consumers witness them), there will be an armada of trucks like ours at this event, giving riders a choice of whom they ask for what assistance. It’s all very democratic. Power to the people, and all that.

Despite my years as a neutral wrench, this will be my first mountain bike event. I’m looking forward to the experience, though I’m told it’s more or less just like working in a bike shop… but with more fresh air. After Sea Otter, Dan and I will be driving to Fruita, Colorado, for the Fruita Fat Tire Festival. Fruita is a purely fun event that was created because of and thrives on the quality of trails in the immediate area… or so I’ve heard. This will be my first trip to Fruita, and I’ll likely get a short ride or two in between shifts at the truck, but it’s going to be work work work for most of the event, of course.

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  1. Feltslave Says:
    TD - I work for an organic yogurt company, and we have both traditional and greek style. Best before is the retail code not the product code. I assure you our retail code is 30 days, I know you can eat up until 60 days (our product at least). We all eat to the 60-75 day code here at SF, so you are fine. The bigger issue to worry about is yeast contamination that can occur through the fruited products, but the worst symptom will be gas. Enjoy the MTB fest. Happy Earth Day!